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ENGR 499 - Capstone Engineering Research

Books, Theses & Websites

In addition to peer reviewed articles, there are many other sources of information that you might choose to read and rely upon in your research.


  • To find books by title and on specific topics, search Summon, the general search tool on the library website.
  • For books located in Vancouver, you can request them through Document Delivery services; there are no charges for this service.

Thesis & Dissertations:

Websites, government documents & research reports:

  • Google Scholar is a very useful source for uncovering the 'grey literature'. Make sure that you login to the Library if you use Google Scholar from home, to ensure that you can access articles without being prompted to pay.
  • Using Google effectively requires some tricks! Remember to try a few searches using different search words, to vary your results.

Evaluate your sources:

The table below outlines criteria and evaluative questions that you are expected to consider when selecting sources of information to rely upon.

Criteria Questions to Ask Yourself
Authority & Bias Who produced this source and why?
Currency or Date When was this source produced? Is it still relevant now?
Peer Review or Academic What kind of resource is this? Is it applicable as a university level source of information?
Relevance to Your Topic Is this the best source that you could find on your topic?