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ENGL 112, 015

This guide is for students in Anita Veal's ENGL 112 course, section 015 in the fall of 2023 (Winter term 1)

Finding relevant sources

The search strategies detailed below are intended to help you find peer reviewed sources by Indigenous scholars on the topic of Indigenous People's access to healthcare, with a focus on the Canadian context. 

There is not a single way to locate all articles written by Indigenous scholars. The First Nations and Indigenous Studies guide from the Xwi7xwa Library at UBC Vancouver provides guidance how to find Indigenous perspectives. The following strategies are derived from that research guide. 


First, consider terminology and keywords that you type carefully, using synonyms to broaden your search. Depending on the geography that you are focussed on, different terminology will be more or less relevant in terms of current usage

Second, consider the following suggestions on how to narrow your search to find Indigenous authors and perspectives

Third, consider where you are searching

Summon, the UBC Library search, provides access to resources from many disciplines, and you can limit to peer reviewed articles. The sample searches above are from Summon.

There are additional databases that are narrower in scope and focus on Indigenous topics: