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Literature Reviews

Keep Track of Your Research

Keep Track of Your Searches

Recording information about your searches and search results is essential and will keep you from unnecessary repetition and provide critical information to anyone you ask for assistance with your search.

Here's  an example:



Search Terms


Results & Comments

Database Terminology Database Term Search Results & Comments

Web of Science


Chocolate and blood pressure


405 results – expected more

blood-pressure; chocolate; dark chocolate; cocoa; cocoa intake (chocolate OR cocoa OR "dark chocolate" OR "cocoa intake") AND "blood-pressure" 542

 PubMed, etc.







Keep Track of Your Research Results

Consider using a citation management tool to help you 

  • organize your research all in one place
  • avoid plagiarism by tracking your research path
  • create in text citations with the click of a button(s)
  • easily format - and re-format - bibliographies

Refer to this Choosing a Citation Manager guide for more information. Common citation managers include EndNote, Mendeley, Refworks, Zotero and BibTex.

The Research Commons at Koerner Library offers regular workshops and individual help with popular citation management tools including Mendeley and Zotero

Check the workshop schedule  or book an individual consultation.  If you're not sure which citation management tool to use, consider booking an individual consultation to help you decide.