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Library Skills Tutorial

Instructors Guide


Information has been updated in a Canvas Course with 5 modules. 

Students can self enroll in this course here:

Instructors can embed the modules in their courses here: Canvas Commons Instructor Library Modules

Modules take about 20-30 minutes each to complete and have quizzes embedded in them as well as other optional grading devices including handouts. Self Enroll course awards a certificate at the end of each module. 

Provide feedback or contact the following librarians:



The Library Skills Tutorial is designed for instructors in many different faculties to use in their courses to introduce students to UBC Library and the research process. The tutorial has also been designed to provide an interactive learning experience while supporting faculty using the tutorial for course assignments and grading. 

To use the tutorial as a part of your course grade, consider the following options:

Research Paper Prep Worksheet

Research Paper Prep Worksheet

If you would like your students to have experience of the physical library, its services, and supports, consider using the Research Paper Prep Worksheet (download below).  The worksheet was designed for students who are assigned to complete the Library Skills Tutorial.  The worksheet guides them through questions for their own research assignment.  The questions cover:

  • Developing a research question
  • Making the question "searchable"
  • Finding the best database for the question

Students can be required to come to the Research Help Desk in to the library to speak to a librarian about their assignment, who will sign and date the handout OR you can allow students to interface with a reference profession via the Askaway Help Chat. The chat allows for a transcript email to be sent to the participant, which they can hand in as proof of completion. Learn Askway hours and general info visit  The worksheet can them be handed in for grade assignment.

Quiz Options

Test Your Knowledge Quizzes

There are two options for using quizzes for the Basic Library Skills Tutorial.


Option 1: Assign a Module Quiz

Each Library Skills Tutorial module has a quiz assigned called "Test Your Knowledge".  The quiz is designed to review what the student has learned during the course of reviewing the module content. 

The "Test Your Knowledge" quizzes are designed to allow you to assign the modules you find most relevant to your students and to your course needs.  

If you are interested in assigning a grade to a student for completing an individual module of the Library Skills Tutorial, do the following:

  1. Assign a single Library Skills Tutorial Module.
  2. Direct the students to complete the "Test Your Knowledge" quiz at the end of the module.
  3. Students will complete the quiz and take a screenshot of the final screen which will contain the following:
    • Name
    • Student Number
    • Quiz Score
  4.  Instruct the students to send the screenshot to you through email.


Option 2: Assign a Final Quiz 

If you are interested in assigning a grade to a student for completing the Basic Library Skills Tutorial, do the following: 

  1. Assign the 5 Library Skills Tutorial Modules
  2. Send the final quiz to your students:
  3. Students will complete the quiz and take a screenshot of the final screen which will contain the following:
    • Name
    • Student Number
    • Quiz score
  4.  Instruct the students to send the final screenshot to you through email 


Additional Resources

Recommended Additional Resources

Vantage College Videos

These videos were created by UBC Library are embeded throughout this tutorial. They are introductory level instruction on exploring research and the library at a university level. All videos have closed captioning and transcriptions. Each video is between 2-5 minutes long and can be used modularly from youtube. 


Overview of UBC Library

Library Website

Library Locations

Who are Librarians

Developing a Research Question

Starting Your Search

Academic Search Strategies

Evaluating Information Sources

Scholarly and Popular Sources

Citing: When and Why 

Elements of a Citation


Write Away



Related Research Guides

Some introductory library related research may require more specific guidance and subject specific materials. 

UBC Applied Science Instructors Research Guides

Engineering has developed a guide for specifically for first and second year Engineering students. Please see the following for more information:  Research Skills for Engineering Students Tutorial

Creative Commons

The Library Skills Tutorial by UBC Library is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International LicenseCreative Commons License