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Great Viewing

Best movies, TV series, directors, and more.

Getting Started

The UBC Library has a large collection of feature films, TV series, and documentaries in various formats including DVD, Blu-ray, VHS and streamed video online. This guide provides links to lists of recommended films, TV series, directors, etc.

Search the Library Catalogue to find films by title, director, country, major actors, etc.

Streamed feature films are available in two streaming databases:

  • Criterion On Demand    Over 2000 streamed feature films including classics, new releases, foreign films, literary adaptations, documentaries, animated titles, and independent features. 
  •  Kanopy  More than 26,000 films including titles from PBS, BBC, Criterion Collection, Media Education Foundation and more.

Also, have a look at:

  • Internet Archive Moving Image Archive  Contains over a million digital movies including classic full-length films, documentaries, news broadcasts, cartoons, concerts, industrial and government films, television shows, and commercials.


Searching the Videomatica Collection

The Videomatica Collection in Koerner Library has more than 20,000 titles ranging from cult favourites to Hollywood blockbusters, TV series, and foreign films. The collection is being updated with hundreds of new titles added annually.

To find titles in this collection search the UBC Library catalogue using Videomatica as a keyword in combination with other search terms such as country of origin, genre (comedy, drama, etc.), director, keywords from the title, major actors, etc.

For example, to find German films in the Videomatica Collection, try the following keyword search:  videomatica german?

You can refine or sort your results by date or add other keywords such as the name of the director, genre, title keywords, etc.

The catalogue records for the Videomatica Collection are based on the old Videomatica database and the quality of the records varies. For example, compare the catalogue records for Iron Man. Note that the call numbers for films in the Videomatica Collection begin with VMatica. For example, VMatica W-451. All new titles added to the Videomatica Collection since 2013 have full catalogue records with many more searchable fields, including Library of Congress call numbers and subject headings. For example, try searching the title: son of saul