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Look for this symbol indicating that an RSS feed is available.

Feeds and Aggregators

Feed aggregation, or content curation, is the collecting and displaying of information from around the Web that relates to a particular theme.

Benefits of feed aggregations:

  • Organize an otherwise unmanageable assortment of resources in one convenient location;
  • Share content with others, broadening the potential audience for the content you produce;
  • Extend your own research practices to colleagues doing similar work, opening a dialogue.

A comprehensive list of feed aggregators can be found here.

Some popular aggregators include:

A web-based reader that allows users to find, follow, read and share sources

A collaborative curation tool that allows users to organize, explore and share any URL they find



RSS (Really Simple Syndication) feeds allow you to keep track of new journal articles, books, news stories, blog postings and more. With RSS you can organize all sorts of online content in one location.

An RSS reader is required to manage your feeds.

Most browsers include RSS readers by default or through an extension.

Popular stand-alone RSS readers include:

A real-time RSS reader that supports sharing.

Mobile app options include: