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Days of Significance : Lunar New Year

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Lunar New Year

Happy Lunar New Year! It is the year of the Tiger. Tigers are a symbol of strength and bravery. May this year bring good things and be rich in blessing to you and those you love.

Research Articles

1. Compliments and responses during Chinese New Year celebrations in Singapore

This paper examines the act of complimenting and responding to compliments among Singapore Chinese. To this end, I explored naturally occurring compliment exchanges during the Chinese New Year (CNY) period. These exchanges are not only gender-sensitive, but age- and generation-sensitive as well. 


Gong xi facai is a Chinese New Year greeting that is commonly spoken, heard, and written by people. Based on the analysis of the meaning components of emotions, the data are classified into several domains, such as Chinese New Year greeting, success in business, health, family, education, etc. 

3. A case study of Chinese New Year and Korean Lunar New Year experienced by marriage immigrants of Chinese descent

This study to examine the meaning of the experiences of Chinese New Year and Korean New Year by selecting four Chinese marriage migrant women, who account for the largest number of marriage migrant women. 

4. Timely festivity: Chinese new year films (hesui pian) in the 1950s-1960s

Chinese New Year films (hesui pian) have always been guaranteed blockbusters in the Hong Kong film industry. Their festive filmic elements and timely release during the most important festival of the year in Chinese societies have provided film-makers with their best chance to boost box office revenue by offering people holiday entertainment. 

5. Chinese New Year Celebrations in London 1971-1973 

Chinese communities outside the People's Republic of China regard the Lunar New Year Festival, celebrated approximately one month after the New Year of the western calendar, to be a most important event in the year. 

6. Lunar New Year in Taiwan

Because research into elementary schooling has shown that Taiwanese students do not have much insight into their surroundings and their knowledge of Taiwanese traditions is limited, I designed a curriculum about the Lunar New Year Festival.


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