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Days of Significance : Hanukkah

A Libguide provides further information on the Instagram Social Media posts and the cultural significance behind them


A holy celebration of Judaism that is all about joy and gratitude. A celebration with friends and family where gifts are exchanged, the dreidel game is played, and jelly donuts are eaten. Hanukkah this Fall 2021 term began at sundown on November 28th  when the first candle will be lit on the hanukkiah and ends on December 6th!

Research Articles

1. Judaism and communism: Hanukkah, Passover, and the Jewish Communists in Mandate Palestine and Israel, 1919–1965 

This article explores the mythological, ritualistic, and symbolic aspects of the ways in which the festivals of Hanukkah and Passover were celebrated by the Jewish Communists in Mandate Palestine and the State of Israel. 

2. Medieval Hanukkah Traditions: Jewish Festive Foods in their European Contexts

Evidence for foods eaten on the festival of Hanukkah by Jews in the Middle Ages is found in a poem called Even Bohan.

3.Happy Hanukkah 

The article reports that Americans of all faiths concerned with preserving their religious liberties ought to join Jews and celebrate a bit of Hanukkah

4. Hanukkah: Its Timing and Significance According To 1 and 2 Maccabees

Although Hanukkah lacks a basis in the Hebrew Bible, it has continued to be celebrated for more that twenty-one centuries. 

5. Hanukkah--the Festival of Lights

This article explores the games and foods eaten during Hanukkah. 

Books in the Library - Hanukkah