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On Palestine: Journal Articles

A list of books, articles and resources on Palestine.

The journals below are accessible through UBC Library & CWL login.

Journal Articles

1. Journal of Palestine Studies

The only journal devoted exclusively to Palestinian affairs and the Arab-Israeli conflict, the Journal of Palestine Studies provides an international forum for study of the region and peaceful resolution to the conflict. Comprehensive analysis of events, probing interviews with the people behind those events, and thorough research by noted scholars make the Journal vital reading for anyone concerned with the "Palestine question."

2. International Journal of Middle East Studies

IJMES focuses on the area encompassing the Middle East and adjacent geo-cultural regions from the seventh century to the present. This area includes North and Sub-Saharan Africa, the Arab, Turkic and Persianate worlds, the Mediterranean and Balkans, Central, South and Southeast Asia and areas to which peoples from these lands have migrated or settled. Essays on communities that have historical, political, cultural or religious ties to the Middle East and on transnational or trans-regional relations are encouraged. Particular attention will be paid to works dealing with anthropology, art and architecture, cultural studies, economics, gender and LGBQT studies, history, law, literature, political science, religious studies, and sociology. IJMES does not accept technical or highly specialized material, nor does it publish in the areas of administration or training.