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Korean Language Resources

Moazine Trial

UBC now has trial access to Moazine, a searchable full-text database of Korean magazines.

Moazine provides access to 214 Korean magazines with back issues that go back 2-3 years, and include Korean-language analogs of U.S. titles such as Fortune (Korea), Lonely Planet(Korea), Vogue, Popular Science, etc.

Areas covered include:

Current Affairs and Economy

Computers & Internet

Science & Technology

Culture & Arts

Education & Literature

Fashion & Lifestyle

Travel, Sports & Hobbies

This is a trial resource and the trial ends: August 31, 2020. Please give feedback on this resource to inform our final decision.

Online Resources

  • Korean Language and Literature at UBC
    It includes Korean Grammar Dictionary (문법사전), CJK Hanja site, online resources for King & Yeon’s Elementary Korean, Continuing Korean; online short story resources for KORN 410 under “online textbook”

  • An Introduction to Korean – In English
    This website provides step-by-step lessons with quizzes on Korean alphabet, basic conversational phrases, vocabulary, and grammar.

  • How to Study Korean
    A Korean language learning site for beginners with detailed lessons in how to speak Korean and read Hanja. 

  • KoreanClass101
    This website offers audio and video lessons, learning tools, PDF lesson notes, lesson discussions, and more. It's also available on mobile devices.

  • Korean Language – King Sejong Institute – In Chinese, English, Japanese, Korean, and more
    It provides online lectures, textbooks, and study materials in learning Korean and Korean culture.

  • Korean Language Education Center – Seoul National University
    Seoul National University's Korean learning website includes flash lessons on Korean vocabularies, dialogs, grammar and expressions, reading, and culture.

  • KOSNET -  E-books for studying Korean language, history and culture

    This website has Korean and Hanja lessons along with information on Korean culture.

  • Let’s Learn Korean – KBS – In Chinese, English, French, Japanese, and more
    A website by Korean Broadcasting System (KBS), a national public broadcaster of South Korea, provides simple Korean lessons on conversational phrases for visitors and travelers. 

  • Let’s Learn Korean – Visit Korea
    It's useful for quickly learning the basic Korean conversations when traveling to Korea. It provides video lessons on basic Korean phrases and vocabulary.

  • Sogang Korean Program  – Sogang University
    Sogang Univeristy's online Korean learning website offers flash video Korean lessons for novice to intermediate learners.


EBS runs a continuing education website for foreign workers and immigrants, and multicultural families in South Korea (Available in Korean, English, Mandarin, and Vietnamese; Registration Required)

The National Institute of Korean Language provides online resources for learners, teachers, and researchers of Korean language.

The National Hangeul Museum collects and exhibits Hangeul-related objects and manuscripts.

The National Institute of Korean Language provides examples of Korean orthography for foreign words.

Pusan National University created a website for Korean language users to check and correct grammars in their writings and the website also offers some script converters.