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Korean Language Resources

Moazine Trial

UBC had trial access to Moazine, a searchable full-text database of Korean magazines.

The Moazine trial ended on October 31, 2020.

If you used Moazine during the trial period, please send feedback to let us know what you thought.

Online Resources

  • Korean Language and Literature at UBC
    It includes Korean Grammar Dictionary (문법사전), CJK Hanja site, online resources for King & Yeon’s Elementary Korean, Continuing Korean; online short story resources for KORN 410 under “online textbook”

  • An Introduction to Korean – In English
    This website provides step-by-step lessons with quizzes on Korean alphabet, basic conversational phrases, vocabulary, and grammar.

  • How to Study Korean
    A Korean language learning site for beginners with detailed lessons in how to speak Korean and read Hanja. 

  • KoreanClass101
    This website offers audio and video lessons, learning tools, PDF lesson notes, lesson discussions, and more. It's also available on mobile devices.

  • Korean Language – King Sejong Institute – In Chinese, English, Japanese, Korean, and more
    It provides online lectures, textbooks, and study materials in learning Korean and Korean culture.

  • Korean Language Education Center – Seoul National University
    Seoul National University's Korean learning website includes flash lessons on Korean vocabularies, dialogs, grammar and expressions, reading, and culture.

  • KOSNET -  E-books for studying Korean language, history and culture

    This website has Korean and Hanja lessons along with information on Korean culture.

  • Let’s Learn Korean – KBS – In Chinese, English, French, Japanese, and more
    A website by Korean Broadcasting System (KBS), a national public broadcaster of South Korea, provides simple Korean lessons on conversational phrases for visitors and travelers. 

  • Let’s Learn Korean – Visit Korea
    It's useful for quickly learning the basic Korean conversations when traveling to Korea. It provides video lessons on basic Korean phrases and vocabulary.

  • Sogang Korean Program  – Sogang University
    Sogang Univeristy's online Korean learning website offers flash video Korean lessons for novice to intermediate learners.


EBS runs a continuing education website for foreign workers and immigrants, and multicultural families in South Korea (Available in Korean, English, Mandarin, and Vietnamese; Registration Required)

The National Institute of Korean Language provides online resources for learners, teachers, and researchers of Korean language.

The National Hangeul Museum collects and exhibits Hangeul-related objects and manuscripts.

The National Institute of Korean Language provides examples of Korean orthography for foreign words.

Pusan National University created a website for Korean language users to check and correct grammars in their writings and the website also offers some script converters.