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Making and Makerspaces

Resources about making and makerspaces in academic libraries

Educational technologies - Quickly and easily create colourful mind maps, great for brainstorming.

Gliffy - Allows you to create flowcharts, org charts, UML, network diagrams & more.

Inspiration is an app for graphic organization, allowing users to represent relationships between ideas or facts.

Similar to Inspiration, Kidspiration is a graphic organizer, suitable for K-5 students.

For more information on concept mapping and classroom ideas, check out Yvonne Dawydiak's blog post in the Scarfe Digital Sandbox.

Padlet is a free collaboration app that allows a group of people to simultaneously add content to a shared online bulletin board, which can be set to public or private, monitored or open. Add files, links, text, audio, and more. Padlet can be used to brainstorm ideas, gather feedback, organize and curate ideas.

How to make a QR code

  1. Decide on (or create) a URL to which you want to link
  2. Find a QR code generator online (for example, QR stuff or QR code generator, or use the Google URL shortener)
  3. Add your content and create the QR code
  4. Download or embed the QR code

How to scan a QR code

  1. Download any QR code scanner onto your smartphone or tablet (try QR code reader and scanner or QR code reader)
  2. Open the app and use your device's camera to scan the QR code

Check out the Scarfe Digital Sandbox blog for information on how to use QR codes in the classroom.