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Library Resources for Teaching and Learning in Higher Education

Consider this library guide as your bookshelf. These Okanagan library books are only steps away from your office.

Tips for Those New to Teaching



The skinny on teaching: what you don't learn in graduate school

J.M. Anderson.

LB2331 .A53 2011
This book is a straightforward and entertaining primer on college teaching. It discusses the nitty-gritty aspects of teaching while providing readers with a synoptic but concise explanation of the principles of the art.  It is intentionally short, little, "skinny," so that it can be read through quickly and so that readers can peruse the chapters and mull over the topics at their leisure                                                                                                                                                           



A little book on teaching: a beginner's guide for educators of engineering and applied science

Barrett, Steven F.

LB2331 .B37 2012
This book is intended as a basic primer on college-level teaching and learning for a new faculty member of engineering and applied science. New faculty members in other disciplines will find much of the information applicable to their area of expertise as well. First and foremost, this book is about learning and teaching. However, it also provides helpful information on related topics such as mentorship, student challenges, graduate students, tenure, and promotion and accreditation. This book is also intended as a reference for seasoned professionals. It is a good reference for those mentoring the next generation of college educators.

New faculty: a practical guide for academic beginners

Christopher J. Lucas and John W. Murry, Jr.

LB1778.2 .L83 2011                          
Successfully launching an academic career in the challenging environment of higher education today is apt to require more explicit preparation than the informal socialization typically afforded in graduate school. As a faculty novice soon discovers, job success requires balancing multiple demands on one’s time and energy. New Faculty offers a useful compendium of “survival” advice for the faculty newcomer on a variety of subjects:practical tips on classroom teaching, student performance evaluation, detailed advice on grant-writing, student advising, professional service, and publishing. Beginning faculty members—and possibly their more experienced colleagues as well—will find this lively guidebook both informative and thought-provoking.

Effective college and university teaching: strategies and tactics for the new professoriate

Edited by] William Buskist, Victor A. Benassi

LB2331 .E385 2012
Using empirical research, Effective College and University Teaching gives faculty and graduate teaching assistants the strategies and tactics they need for excellence in teaching. Whereas the majority of books on college and university teaching are 'how to' books, this volume provides both the rationale and a detailed guide for how to use and teach these practices to others. Written by leading scholars and expert master teachers, this volume outlines, reviews, and discusses the best practices for becoming effective teachers for undergraduate courses.

What they didn't teach you in graduate school: 299 helpful hints for success in your academic career

Paul Gray and David E. Drew

This title offers 199 tips for getting your PhD and surviving and thriving in your first years of teaching. Irreverent, but serious, this is the guide to what higher education institutions are really like. It is illustrated with original cartoons to bring the hints to life. Just landed your first faculty position? Close to getting your Ph.D., and planning a career in academe? Already in your first job? This insightful guide will help you achieve success. What will academic life be like? How do you discover its tacit rules? Develop the habits and networks needed for success? What issues will you encounter if you're a person of color, or a woman? How is higher education changing?

Becoming a new instructor : a guide for college adjuncts and graduate students

Erika Falk

LB2331 .F33 2012

Becoming a New Instructor guides new instructors through the planning, preparation, and execution of their first class, whether it is in person or online. Like any good mentor, this book provides clear, simple instructions and makes best-practice recommendations. Becoming a New Instructor provides a step-by-step guide to writing a syllabus, a simple explanation for how to calculate grades, and many additional suggestions from an experienced teacher about how to run a class. Chronologically arranged from conceptualizing the class through putting together the syllabus, planning in-class time, running the class, and assigning grades, this book will answer any new instructors questions

University teaching in focus: a learning-centred approach

edited by Lynne Hunt and Denise Chalmers


University Teaching in Focus provides a foundational springboard for early career academics preparing to teach in universities. Focusing on four critical areas - teaching, curriculum, students, and quality/leadership - this succinct resource offers university teachers a straightforward approach to facilitating effective student learning. The book empowers university teachers and contributes to their career success by developing teaching skills, strategies, and knowledge, as well as linking theory to practice.

Quick hits for new faculty : successful strategies by award-winning teachers

editors, Rosanne M. Cordell, Betsy Lucal, Robin Morgan


This volume is designed to help new faculty negotiate the challenges of college teaching. Articles and strategies range from planning for that first day in the classroom, to evaluating student learning, documenting teaching, and understanding the politics of teaching and learning in the department and institution. This volume expands each "quick hit" with additional background information, rationale, and resources.

First day to final grade : a graduate student's guide to teaching

Anne Curzan and Lisa Damour

LB2335.4 .C87 2011

The third edition of First Day to Final Grade: A Graduate Student’s Guide to Teaching is designed to help new graduate student teaching assistants navigate the challenges of teaching undergraduates. Both a quick reference tool and a fluid read, the book focuses on the “how tos” of teaching, such as setting up a lesson plan, running a discussion, and grading, as well as issues specific to the teaching assistant’s unique role as both student and teacher.

Small group teaching : tutorials, seminars and beyond

Kate Exley and Reg Dennick

LB2331 .E937 2004

Also Online

This indispensable guide for new university or college teachers brings together straightforward and practical advice on small group teaching as well as examples of practice across disciplines and a sprinkling of sound educational theory.

Written in a highly accessible jargon-free style, this book comprehensively covers critical areas such as:

  • the underpinning foundations and dynamics of small group teaching
  • the role and skills of the effective tutor
  • tried and tested small group teaching methods and techniques
  • guidance on problem-based learning, student-led and tutor-less tutorials
  • up-to-date advice on inclusive and non-discriminatory practice
  • a review of assessment criteria and methods.