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Government Publications: Canadian Statistics

This guide helps users find Canadian statistics for areas in the humanities and social sciences.


  • Labour Force Information
    Current monthly statistics, charts and tables on labour force characteristics such as employment and unemployment (for Canada, the provinces, metropolitan areas and economic regions), average hours worked, wages, union membership, and job permanency.

    August 2002 to present is available online. January 1997 to July 2002 is available in print.


  • Minimum Wage Database
    Contains data for federal and provincial jurisdictions. Available in ten-year ranges (1965-1974, 1975-1984, 1985-1994, 1995-2004, 2005-2014) in addition to current and forthcoming rates for adult and young workers. From Human Resources and Skills Development Canada.
  • Labour Force Survey (LFS)
    Household survey carried out monthly by Statistics Canada. Data from the survey provide information on major labour market trends such as shifts in employment across industrial sectors, hours worked, labour force participation and unemployment rates. The LFS is a major source of information on the personal characteristics of the working-age population, including age, sex, marital status, educational attainment, and family characteristics.

    Available through UBC Library's Dataverse


  • Labour Gazette, 1900/01 to 1978
    The journal of the Department of Labour. Provides various labour statistics over the years. Available only in print.
  • Manpower in Canada, 1931 to 1961
    Published by the Department of Manpower and Immigration in 1969. Provides historical statistics of the Canadian labour force. Available only in print.
  • Wage Rates, Salaries and Hours of Labour
    Published by the Department of Labour, from 1974 to 1983. Available only in print.
  • Wage Rates, Salaries and Hours of Labour: annual reports
    Reports were published by the Department of labour and are available for the years 1901 to 1973. Available only in print.