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Government Publications: Canadian Statistics

This guide helps users find Canadian statistics for areas in the humanities and social sciences.

Historical Resources

  • Historical Catalogue of Statistics Canada Publications 1918-1980
    An index to Statistics Canada and the Dominion Bureau of Statistics publications. Includes annotations for each publication.

    Available only in print.
  • Canadian Economic Observer: Historical Statistics Supplement
    Canada-wide data on the national accounts, prices, international and domestic trade, labour and financial markets, as well as provincial data on employment earnings, retail trade, housing and consumer price indexes.

    2000/2001 to present is available online. 1986 to 2011 also available in print.
  • Historical Statistics of Canada
    Authoritative statistical and demographic statistics from 1867 to the mid-1970s. Over 1000 tables, plus detailed notes and other information.

    Also available in print.
  • Canada Year Book
    Available online for 1867 to 1967.
    Available in print for most years between 1886 and 2012.
  • Annual Demographic Estimates: Canada, Provinces and Territories
    Population estimates for Canada, the provinces and the territories by age, sex, and marital status, in addition to statistics for deaths, immigration, emigration, and more.

    Available in print under the title, Annual Demographic Statistics, from 1993-2005.

    Excel files for 1971 to 2009 are available in Abacus under the title, Canada's Demographic Estimates. To view the files, you will need to log in: at the Abacus page, click on the UBC Member link on the right,  then log in with your CWL.
  • Employment, Earnings and Hours
    This publication presents a timely picture of employment, earnings and hours, which are vital to Canada's businesses and governments for planning and decision-making purposes. The tabulations focus on monthly labour market information and historical data series. The major economic variables for over 280 industries are provided at the national and provincial/territorial level. The publication also includes a succinct monthly highlights section, and notes on the concepts and methodology of the survey.