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Government Publications: Canadian Statistics

This guide helps users find Canadian statistics for areas in the humanities and social sciences.

Statistics Canada

Statistics Canada is the national agency responsible for collecting and publishing socio-economic statistics in Canada.

A good overall resource for understanding statistics is Statistics Canada's online guide, Finding and Using Statistics, which provides a "step-by-step review on how to find, read and use data." 

Statistics Canada's two main products are the Census and the Socioeconomic Data Tables.

Census of Canada

For information on how to find historical and current Canadian census information, please refer to the Census of Canada research guide.


Citing Statistics Canada Products

How to Cite Statistics Canada Products  - This guide has been developed for authors, editors, researchers, academics, students, librarians and data librarians. It describes, in three steps, how to build bibliographic references when citing Statistics Canada products and materials.

Building your Statistics Canada References. Show examples of how to cite tables and graphs from StatsCan as well as surveys from CANSIM.