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Chinese Literature


  • Hong Kong Literature Database / 香港文學資料庫
    The first database of literature from Hong Kong which contains literature appearing in journals such as Xianggang Wenxue (香港文学) and Shifeng (诗风), literature columns from newspapers, as well as monograph and periodical holdings of the library of the Chinese University of Hong Kong. Full text is available in a major part of the database.
  • Modern Chinese Literature Reserach Portal / 中國現代文學研究網
    Developed collectively by Department of Chinese Language and Literature and the University Library System of the Chinese University of Hong Kong, this portal provides a comprehensive index and online access to modern Chinese literature resources scattered in Mainland China, Hong Kong, Taiwan and in other overseas universities and sinology research centers.
  • 古籍特藏:宋人文集 (National Library of China)
    A free digital image database providing full-text access to rare collections of Song scholars’ works (around 275 titles) held by National Library of China.
  • 明清小说全文库(Dalian Library, China)
    An Image database providing full-text access to 40 novels of Ming and Qing Dynasties.

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