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Export Citations from Refworks

  1. Log into RefWorks.

  2. Go to the References menu and select Export.

  3. In the drop-down menu, choose the RefWorks folder that contains the references you'd like to export.

  4. For the Export Format, choose BibTeX - RefWorks ID, then click Export. (If the file doesn't download automatically, there will be a prompt in the bottom right corner that allows you to email it to yourself or to open it in your web brower and save it from there.)

  5. Open the file. Go to the File menu and select Save Page As. Change the name of the file to yourfilename.bib and save it to the same folder that contains your LaTeX files.

  6. To link the new BibTeX file you created, use these two commands in your LaTeX document:
    • \bibliography{yourfilename} where yourfilename refers to the name of the .bib file you exported from RefWorks. This command generates the bibliography.
  7. To insert an in-text citation, use the command:
    • \cite{RefWorks:#} where RefWorks:# is the citation key assigned (in the .bib file) to the source you want to cite.