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LFS 450

Process to Submit a Paper or Project to cIRcle:


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Process to Submit a Paper or Project to cIRcle:

Choose a group representative to go through the submission process on behalf of the group. (Note: The rest of the group still needs to be involved, the representative makes sure that cIRcle only receives one copy of the paper or project.)

  Check your paper or project for the following copyrighted materials:

  Images not created by group members

  Videos not created by group members

  Logos/graphics from community partners

 Images edited by group members using other images as a source

  If your paper contains copyrighted materials, obtain permission to use them and include the permissions in the paper or project.

 Remove all private information such as student ID numbers, telephone numbers, and addresses from the paper or project.

  Make certain the paper or project does not include annotations or comments/feedback by others such as your instructor.

  Re-check to make certain the paper or project is complete and not a draft. Papers and projects cannot be updated once they are uploaded to cIRcle!

  Create a title page including:

  The title of the paper or project

  Names of all group members

  Course name

  Course term and year

  Instructor name

  Save your paper or project as with the following name: lastnameofrepresentative_firstinitial_et_al_coursename_term_year

  Have all group members agree to the terms on cIRcle’s license form.

  Fill out and submit the cIRcle license form.

  Email your paper or project as an email attachment to