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Asian Studies - English Language Resources

Statistical sources

Scroll down this page to see individual statistical sources for China, India, Japan and Korea.

These sources compile statistics for many or all countries in Asia:


These resources are entirely in English or have substantial English-language content. Where applicable, the link is to the English version of the website.


  • OECD Economic Survey: India
    Short term outlook, policy recommendations and extensive statistical information
  • OECD India Statistical Profile
    Economy, education, energy, environment, foreign aid, health, etc.
  • Census of India
    From Office of the Registrar General, India. Includes data from 1991 and 2001 censuses. Statistics by administrative units, for population, population 0-6 years, literate population, employed and unemployed.
  • India: Ministry of Statistics
    Free downloads of a variety of statistical reports and publications from the Government of India's Central Statistical Organisation.
  • Digital South Asian Library: Statistics
    Digitized copies of Statistical Abstract Relating to British India from 1840 - 1920, plus links to current South Asian Census sites.



  • OECD Economic Surveys: Korea (1994-)
    Short term outlook, policy recommendations and extensive statistical information.
  • Bank of Korea
    From the Bank's Economic Statistics System, balance of payments, national accounts, exchange & interest rates, business & consumer surveys, etc.
  • Statistics Korea
    From Korea's National Statistical Office.  Surveys include international migration, life/death, population projection, housing, economic & social trends, household economy, retail/wholesale sectors etc.