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Wood Science

Searching Summon for Books and eBooks

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Subject Terms

Here are some useful subject terms:


  • wood anatomy
  • wood composition
  • wood structure
  • wood chemistry
  • laminated wood
  • plastic-impregnated wood
  • preserved wood
  • wood bonding
  • trees ecophysiology
  • compression wood
  • compressed wood
  • fuelwood
  • heartwood
  • dendrochronology
  • gums and resins
  • wood biodegradation
  • engineered wood
  • wood mechanical properties
  • fireproofing wood
  • grain angle wood
  • wood acoustic properties
  • wood histology
  • wood atlases
  • wood bending

Browse by Call Number

To browse for Wood Science books on the shelves or in the library catalogue, use these call numbers.

  • QK477
  • QK647
  • TA419 - TA424