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UBC Library Informatics for Nursing: 2.08 Finding articles for your term paper

An overview of searching Academic Literature for Nursing students

2.08 Finding articles for your term paper

There are three steps to finding articles on a topic:

  1. Choose a Database.
  2. Search the Database for an article.
  3. Find the full text of that article.

Databases (article indexes) list individual articles from journals, magazines and newspapers.  Most article indexes cover particular academic disciplines,  some are more general.


  • PubMed indexes journals that publish articles about health related topics.
  • CINAHL indexes journals about nursing, allied health, consumer health, biomedicine, and alternative therapy.
  • PsycINFO indexes journals about psychology and the psychological aspects of various other disciplines.
  • PAIS International & PAIS Archive indexes journals about public policy, social policy and the social sciences in general

The UBC Library subscribes to hundreds of databases. 

Now let's look at how to choose the best database for your topic. . .

2.08 Can I search Google?

Love Google?  Try Google Scholar. This movie shows you how.

(This movie shows the old Library home page, but the process is the same)