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UBC Library Informatics for Nursing: 2.04 Reading a citation

An overview of searching Academic Literature for Nursing students

2.04 Reading a citation

Remember that a citation to an article has two titles: 1) The title of the article and 2) the title of the journal.

Sample Article:

Thorne, S. (2015). Safe staffing and the global mandate for health. Nursing Inquiry, 22(3), 189-189. doi:10.1111/nin.12117

The title of the article is:  Safe staffing and the global mandate for health.
The title of the journal is:  Nursing inquiry.

Other parts of a journal citation are the: author, date, volume, issue, page number(s), doi (digital object identifier)

Practice exercise - Parts of a Journal Citation

Start Image Author Year Title of Article Title of Journal Volume Issue Pages DOI Key Author(s) Year of Publication Title of Article Issue Title of journal Volume Page numbers DOI