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Library Research Skills for Land and Food Systems

7. Print book location

Finding a print book's location

Check the Summon record for the section of the Library and the call number of the book. The call number is the address of the book.

For many of your assignments, your books will be located in the Woodward Library. After you've determined which branch library the book is in, next look at the section reference, reserve, stacks or storage.
Click here for more information on how to read call numbers and navigate Woodward Library

Checking out books
Your UBC card is your library card. You will use your UBC card to check out a book from the library.

If a book is at another library:

Access books at another UBC campus, for example UBC Okanagan or UBC Biomedical Branch at Vancouver General Hospital, by selecting the Order via Document Delivery link.

Delivery is fast - within 2 days. You can pick up your material from the library that you choose. For more information, go to the following page: Borrowing Between UBC Campuses.

Using print books effectively
In many cases you will still use print content, but you may not want to read the entire book to find what you need. To save yourself time, use the index at the back of the book or the Table of Contents in the front to look up your topic. For example, if I were to use the Synopsis and Classification of Living Organisms, to look up information on Balanus, I would use the index. The index tells me to flip to page 228 for the information.