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Library Research Skills for Land and Food Systems

Finding government information using Google

Power searching techniques in Google
Government websites can be difficult to navigate. You can use the power of Google to data mine into government websites.
Domain searching
One of the most powerful search functions is Google’s site search. You can limit your search to just information from a specific domain or website using the Google command site:. For example, you can search for Canadian government website and content by searching site:. or British Columbian government content by searching
You can also combine phrases while using site:, as shown on the right. Note that the Boolean Operator 'AND' is implied in the search, meaning Google will look for pages that are in the specified web site containing both of the search phrases.
Title searching
Another strategy for limiting your results is to force the word or phrase to be in the title of the document. For example, this search finds documents on BC government websites which have the phrase “food security” in the title.