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Sustainable Business

ESG Data

"Environmental, social and corporate governance (ESG) are three areas that measure the ethical and sustainability performance of a company or investment. Drivers for firms pursuing ESG strategies can be ethical in nature, but for publically traded companies, are more commonly designed 1) to make their stock or products more attractive to ethically-minding customers, 2) to gain leverage in achieving social license to operate, or 3) because they see direct returns through efficiency gains or human resources/social contract routes. In short, ESG factors impact the ability of firms to generate profit."

From: Natural Resources Canada. (2013, August 27). Environmental, social and corporate governance: The business of doing good. Selective Cuttings, 59. Retrieved from

Sources of ESG data

Thomson Reuters Datastream provides the Asset 4 ESG database, enabling users to combine and analyse ESG data together with other Datastream content.

The data covers over 3800 companies and is exportable to various platforms, and allows analysts to measure the effect of ESG factors on corporate performance and risk.

Asset 4 data is accessible on dedicated Datastream computers in the:

Information and a training video are accessible by clickinging the Asset 4 ESG database link. For help in using the database, please see a librarian.

Bloomberg covers ESG related information about a specific company as well as allows you to screen for companies meeting your specific ESG criteria.

To see ESG data regarding a specific company:

  • Type your company's ticker in the command line (blue bar on top).
  • Hit the yellow EQUITY key.
  • Type FA ESG and hit the green <GO> key.

To see all ESG factors regarding a specific company:

  • Type your company's ticker in the command line (blue bar on top).
  • Hit the yellow EQUITY key.
  • Type ESG and hit the green <GO> key.

To screen for a list of companies:

  • Type EQS and hit the green <GO> key.
  • Click on the Fields button.
  • Then, expand the menu for Fundamentals, then Bloomberg Fundamentals, then ESG to see a list of available variables.

For more information about Bloomberg, please visit the Bloomberg Guide

On the UBC Vancouver campus, Sauder School of Business has five Bloomberg terminals in the Wayne Deans Investment Analysis Centre (HA238) and five Bloomberg terminals in the Leith Wheeler Investment Research Lab (CLC222).

On UBC's Okanagan campus, two Bloomberg terminals are located in the EME building (see the Faculty of Management office in EME 4145 to access) and one terminal in the Library.