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Community & Regional Planning

This guide will help you find planning related information including articles, books, standards, theses, images, video, data and more.

UBC Theses / Projects

SCARP's graduating projects from 2008 onwards are available online in UBC Library's Open Collections portal.  Use the Advanced Search as shown below. Older graduating projects are available in the UBC Library.

SCARP's theses and dissertations are also UBC Library's Open Collections portal.  Use the Advanced Search as shown above, but with the limits for 'Affiliation' (Community and Regional Planning) and 'Degree' (i.e. Master of Arts in Planning).


Theses at Other Institutions

Need Help?

For general help in finding theses/dissertations, visit the Library's Theses & Dissertations guide.

For help with writing your thesis/dissertation, visit the Library Research Common's Resources for Dissertation Writing guide.