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Maps & Atlases: Online Maps

Information and resources about the UBC map collection.

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This guide provides links to just a few of the many online map resources available, including specific resources on Vancouver, British Columbia, and Canada, as well as historical maps of the world, topographic maps of the world, and general street maps.

Searching for Maps in UBC Library's Databases

Some of UBC's indexes and databases contain maps among other documents and publications. Try searching for the keyword map in the Indexes & Databases page of the UBC Library Catalogue, or contact your subject librarian for further suggestions.

UBC Library Digital Collections of Maps

The UBC Digitization Centre has digitized a number of UBC Library's collections that include maps and atlases. These digital collections are part of UBC's Open Collections and are accessible online.


The following resources include geographical information and maps across Canada.

Other Major Topographic Map Series

Here are some online collections of topographic map series from around the world.

Street Maps

For worldwide street maps, see the following resources:

Online Gazetteers (Place Name Indexes)

Gazetteers are directories of geographical place names. They also often contain information on the area's population, statistics, and physical and geographical features.

Out of This World

Featured Online Map

close-up of a section of street map of Vancouver showing the old paths of the streams

Vancouver's Old Streams, 1880-1920 is a map produced by UBC Library and the Vancouver Aquarium that shows the paths of streams in Vancouver from 1880-1920 and the original shoreline of Vancouver. The map, and the data used to create it, are available to be downloaded online.

Metro Vancouver

Most cities and municipalities offer online interactive maps and data, which may include property and address information, zoning data, engineering data (sewers and water mains), community services (such as police and fire stations), crime data, schools, parks and facilities, bike routes, hazards, and emergency response information.

If your municipality is not listed below, try an internet search for your municipality name and maps to find similar resources.

For historical Vancouver-area maps:

British Columbia

The following resources include geographical information and maps across British Columbia.

World Historical Map Collections Online

The following online resources include historical maps from around the world. For historical maps of Vancouver, BC, and Canada, refer to the relevant boxes on this page.

For further resources, see the following research guide:

Maps of the World

The following resources are online collections of country and world maps and information.