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Basic Library Skills Tutorial: Getting Help

A 5-module tutorial on learning about the library, services, support, and tools for beginning your research.

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Module 5

Welcome to the final module of this tutorial.  You have many options and avenues for help from UBC Library and other academic support services at UBC.  Work through the final two lesson topics to learn all about them.

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All the previous lessons in this tutorial have ended by recommending that you contact a Librarian for more help.  You may be wondering exactly what Librarians do at UBC and specifically, what kinds of help they can offer to students.  Watch the following video to learn more about the range of things that Librarians do – both behind the scenes, in the classroom and at a research help desk.  You’ll also learn about some of the other academic support services that UBC has for you, such as writing support, peer-tutoring and academic coaching.

Links and transcript from the video:

AskAway is an online chat reference service that UBC participates in – along with over 20 other post-secondary institutions in BC and the Yukon.   AskAway aims to help students with their Library research questions and general questions about the services that the Library offers.  Watch the final video of this tutorial to learn more about AskAway and how the service can help you.

Links and transcript from the video: