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Basic Library Skills Tutorial: Starting Your Research

A 5-module tutorial on learning about the library, services, support, and tools for beginning your research.

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Module 2

One of the trickiest parts of research can be getting started. It takes time to focus on an interesting topic that isn’t too narrow, too broad or too current. The following lessons will teach you how to approach different kinds of topics and find relevant information.

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How would you know if your topic is “too current” to research?  Understanding the publication timeline is the key to tackling current event topics.  Watch the following video to learn more about how information is created and shared – and how long it takes for scholarly work to hit the presses.

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After learning that scholarly articles can take years to be published, we don’t want you to think that you can’t write about current events. Watch this video to learn some strategies for tackling recent events when researching your academic papers.

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Choosing a topic that you can actually research is one of the greatest challenges facing you when you’re first starting out with a term paper assignment.  If your topic is too broad or too narrow you’ll be frustrated by too many or too few results for your searches.  Watch the following video to learn how to tweak your topic until it’s “just right.”

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