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UBC Library Research Commons: The Team

The Team

UBC Library Research Commons Team

Susan Atkey, Librarian, Humanities and Social Sciences Division

Susan looks after the day-to-day operations of the Research Commons, and coordinates with Library and campus partners to ensure the project's success. Susan also organizes the Graduate Student Workshop Series - a series of workshops designed to assist students with all the steps of the research process, from literature reviews to getting published to measuring research publication impact.

Sheryl Adam, Librarian, Humanities and Social Sciences Division

Sheryl is a liaison librarian at Koerner Library. She handles the day-to-day operations of the Research Commons team, and she also teaches various workshops in the Graduate Student Workshop Series.

Sarah Parker, Librarian, Woodward Library 

Sarah is a librarian at Woodward Library and the liaison for the Research Commons. She works with the Citation Management team overseeing the instruction for the RefWorks, Mendeley and Zotero workshops.


Dean Giustini, Librarian, Biomedical Branch Library 

Dean is a librarian at Biomedical Branch Library and a liaison for the Research Commons. He works with the Thesis Formatting team, and oversees the teaching of the Thesis Formatting workshops.


Koerner Library Program Assistant 

The Program Assistant is the administrator for the Research Commons, and works with librarians and graduate assistants to coordinate and promote workshops and events. 

Maryam MohammadiThesis Formatting and Citation Management Graduate Assistant

Maryam is a third year PhD student in the Materials Engineering department at UBC. Her research is focused on industrial water treatment and the purification of drinking water. Maryam joined our Citation Management and Thesis Formatting team in September 2016. As a member of this team, she runs weekly workshops and provides technical support on citation management and thesis formatting through one-on-one appointments and email consultations.

Nasim Peikazadi | Thesis Formatting and Citation Management Graduate Assistant

Nasim is a PhD student in the Faculty of Education. As an educator, she has experience in teaching, facilitating workshops, providing academic advising and assisting in educational research projects. Her research is focused on the global refugee crisis with a particular interest in refugee settlement services. As a member of the Research Commons team, Nasim provides group workshops and individual consultations on Thesis Formatting and Citation Management tools such as Mendeley and Zotero.

Jessica LiThesis Formatting and Citation Management Graduate Assistant

Jessica is a first year Master of Public Health student in the School of Population and Public Health. She has done research in Microbiology, focusing on lipid accumulation in bacteria, and is interested in population health and epidemiology. At the Research Commons, Jessica facilitates workshops for Citation Management and Thesis Formatting, as well as individual consultations by appointment. 

José Arias Bustamante | Qualitative Data Analysis Graduate Assistant 

José is a third year PhD student in the Sustainable Forest Management Research Group in the Faculty of Forestry at UBC. His research focuses on Indigenous communities from Chile, with particular interest in the land access struggles of Mapuche communities. At the Research Commons, José provides instruction and support on NVivo, a Computer-Assisted Qualitative Data Analysis Software (CAQDAS). He runs workshops, and also offers individual appointments, and e-mail consultations.

Idaliya Grigoryeva | Qualitative Data Analysis Graduate Assistant 

Ida is an MA student in Urban Geography at UBC with a background in International Economics. Her research focuses on the spatial price diffusion on the Vancouver housing market. She is a quantitative researcher applying econometrics and GIS in her thesis project. At the Research Commons, Ida provides support for NVivo facilitating workshops and having one-on-one consultations by appointment or via email. 

Sarah Zhang | Statistical Data Analysis Graduate Assistant

Sarah is an MLIS student at SLAIS/iSchool. Before coming to SLAIS, she previously worked as a Project Manager/Coordinator for an architectural firm, and has a MSci degree in Ecology. She is interested in multidisciplinary theories and methods, such as data visualization and GIS. As part of our Data team, Sarah works with Wendy on Quantitative Data Software/SPSS.

Wendy Lu | Statistical Data Analysis Graduate Assistant

Wendy is an MLIS student at SLAIS/iSchool. Wendy has an MA in Motion Media from the Savannah College of Art and Design. As an undergrad, she majored in Psychology and Education and worked as a student researcher in two psychology labs. She has experience entering and analyzing data via SPSS. Wendy has also worked in advertising. As part of our Data team, Wendy works with Sarah on Quantitative Data Software/SPSS.


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