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UBC Library Research Commons: NVivo

NVivo Workshops

We offer two Nvivo workshops:

  1. NVivo (Part 1) - Getting Started with NVivo
  2. NVivo (Part 2) - Classification & Datasets

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NVivo Consultations

Consultation Schedule for Fall (September 11 - December 15, 2017)

Please fill out the Consult Request Form according to the NVivo schedule, below:

  • Thursdays, 10am-1pm


Workshop Materials

NVivo (Part 1) - Getting Started with NVivo

NVivo is a computer-assisted qualitative data analysis software. In this introductory workshop, you'll learn about the benefits of working with NVivo, how to set it up, the types of sources you can use and how to import them into NVivo, and how to do queries, nodes, and coding.

You can download the sample material we will be using during the hands-on part of the workshop, as well as the handouts we distribute at the beginning of the workshop.


NVivo (Part 2) -  Classification and Datasets

NVivo's classification capabilities will help you to add demographic data to your nodes and bibliographic data to your sources. Datasets allow you to import and work with tabular material from spreadsheets, database tables, surveys, and social media. If you're comfortable with the basics of NVivo - importing sources, creating nodes, and coding - and would like to explore new ways of working with qualitative data, this workshop is for you.

Sample projects for NVivo 11

Sample material

Handouts NVivo 11

Workshop slides


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NVivo Software

NVivo software is available for FREE for all UBC students!

Before attending one of our NVivo workshops, you must bring your own laptop with NVivo already installed on it. NVivo is not installed on Library computers.  


Literature Review Using NVivo

Ethics and NVivo

Explore NVivo 11 Starter for Windows

Explore NVivo 11 for Mac