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Korean Studies Resources

Great Reads 2016-2017


Great Reads at UBC Library was launched in 2011 to provide leisure-reading to community members, students, faculty, and staff. In fall 2015, the Asian Library began building the Great Reads Collection and new 2017 collections available at the Asian Library!

Korean Collection

윤태호 (Yun T'ae Ho)

About Yun T'ae Ho


윤태호 (Yun T'ae ho) is Korea’s leading webtoon writer and manhwa artist in South Korea. Many of his works became a social phenomenon in South Korea, which was made into a drama and movie. Growing up in an underprivileged household, Yun faced many disadvantages and discriminations throughout his life. The only thing that sustained him was his drawings. From his experience, he observed how humans function in the social system, and applied his view of Korean society to his work.