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Inclusive Technology Lab

A place to experiment with assistive technology

About the Inclusive Technology Lab

The Inclusive Technology Lab (ITL) is a space to experiment with assistive technology. It is a supportive environment designed to facilitate learning and research through access and training with assistive technologies. The lab is located in LIB101 within the library building.



Assistive Software can be accessed on any of the Inclusive Technology Lab computer desktops in the "Assistive Software" folder


Accessing the ITL

How to Access the ITL

There are two ways to gain access to the Inclusive Technology Lab (ITL) and to be able to borrow ITL technology:

  1. Register with the Disability Resource Centre, located in UNC 214. Note: The DRC will only share  your name, student number and email address with the Library.
  2. OR, for research access, complete an ITL Faculty Authorization Form and submit a signed copy to the Library Service Desk.

Once registered or authorized, you will need to complete a brief in-person orientation. Student Learning & Technology Assistants provide 15-30 minute orientations. When the Library receives your registration from the Disability Resource Centre, we will contact you to schedule your orientation.