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Indigenous Health

Selected Print Books

Keyword Searching in the UBC Library Catalogue

The following keywords may be useful in the UBC Library Catalogue::

  • "First Nations author?"
  • "First Nations"
  • Aboriginal
  • "Native American?"
  • Indigenous
  • Indian

Use quotation marks for phrases (e.g.: "First Nations", "Indigenous peoples")

Use a question mark to search for different word endings (e.g.: Aborigin? will find Aboriginal, Aboriginals, Aboriginality, etc.)

Library of Congress Subject Headings may be browsed in the Library Catalogue. Please note that the Library of Congress subject headings differ from those used by Xwi7xwa Library. You may find outdated and potentially offensive terminology used in the Library of Congress Subject Headings. 

Subject Headings in the UBC Library Catalogue

You may browse subject headings - below are some suggestions. Note that the Library of Congress subject headings and call numbers differ from those used by Xwi7xwa and Woodward libraries. You may find outdated terminology used in the subject headings.