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COMM 390 - Business Writing

Information Life Cycle

One of the keys to successfully carrying out research is understanding when and where information is communicated. For example, an analysis of a current event will not show up in a scholarly journal because the scholarly review and publication process is lengthy.  

This diagram illustrates the time frame in which information is published.

 Time frame in which information is published


Example: Sochi Olympic Games

Same day content:


Olympic medal

Image: Jeff Summers

Day after content:
  • The Guardian newspaper (print version is published the day after an event; online content could be same day)


Weeks after content:


Months after content:
  • Scholarly articles prior to the games (about previous Olympics)
  • Scholarly articles following the games


Years after content:
  • Books published prior to the games (about previous Olympics or the Olympics in general)
  • Books published after the games