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Copyright Educational Resources

This Guide provides the UBC community with comprehensive educational resources on a variety of copyright considerations

Student Support Guides

Here you will find copyright support guides created specifically for student concerns.

In addition to the Guides provided here, the website has additional resources that may be of use to students, including:

Student FAQ

  • provides answers to common questions students may have regarding the use of copyrighted materials


For a broad introduction to the use of copyrighted works at UBC, all users should begin by reviewing the following core documents:

Copyright Requirements for Faculty and Staff

  • This document set’s out UBC’s requirements regarding copyright, which  faculty members and staff must adhere to in order to comply with copyright laws.

Fair Dealing Requirements for Faculty and Staff

  • These Fair Dealing Requirements only deal with copying by faculty members and staff of UBC within the fair dealing exception to copyright infringement provided under the Copyright Act.

Fair Dealing in Practice

  • These notes are intended to clarify the application of the Fair Dealing Requirements to copying in a variety of different contexts, including teaching, research, learning management systems, and more.

UBC Copyright Guidelines

  • This document supplements the Copyright Requirements for UBC Faculty and Staff and provides a basic summary of copyright law, as well as guidance on best practices and information to help you understand what you can and cannot do with copyrighted works


Additionally, students may also take on research and instructional responsibilities. See below for information on how to access additional resources pertaining to these activities.


Research activities are a core component of many graduate degrees. For information about using other people’s copyrighted work in your research, please review the information in UBC’s Theses and Dissertations guide.

Copying for the purpose of research may also be covered by the fair dealing exception. For a background on fair dealing generally, please see the Copyright Guidelines for Faculty, Staff and Students. For a discussion of how fair dealing operates with respect to research conducted by UBC faculty (which may or not be analogous to your situation), see Fair Dealing in Practice.

For questions related to copyright in your research, please contact the Copyright Office.


Teaching activities are often part of the process in obtaining your graduate degree. For assistance with finding and preparing copyright compliant materials for your courses, please review the information provided in the Faculty Support Guides.

For questions related to copyright in your teaching materials, please contact the Copyright Office.