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Lesson Plans (Elementary, Middle Years)

Social Studies Lesson Plans (Elementary)

Active citizenship project honouring human rights (Gr. 7)

The Canadian Patriotic Fund (Gr. 3-4)

Cherishing the water of life (Gr. 7-12)

Child labour (Gr. 4-7)

Community 1: Community and Leadership (Gr. 2-3) First Nations Integration Project

Community 2: Communities Within Communities (Gr. 2-3) First Nations Integration Project

Community Hardships

Community Landmarks Have Stories to Tell (Gr. 1)

Cottonwood House (Gr. 5)
Historical significance of roadhouses in British Columbia

Curriculum Integration Project: Map Symbols & Simple Keys (Gr. 2-3)

Curriculum Integration Project: Newspapers and Stereotyping (Gr. 6)

Global Education Teaching Resources (Gr. K-8)

The History of the Canadian Flag 

How Does One Person Make a Difference? (Gr. 2)

“The Importance of School Means-Photographic Expedition” and Lesson Plan (Gr. 4-6)

Keeping it in Perspective: Different Perspectives on Natural Resource Management (Gr. 5)

Making a Historical Newspaper (Gr. 7-8)

Maps and Scale

Myth Busting: Separating Parliamentary Myths from Reality (Gr. 5-6)

Okanagan-Mainline Regional Network: Intermediate Lesson Plans (Gr. 4-7)
First Nations, Culture, Newspapers, etc.

Okanagan-Mainline Regional Network: Primary Lesson Plans (Gr. K-3)

On a bicycle built for too (Gr. 5-7)

Parliament of the Future (Gr. 6-8)

Square pegs and round holes (Gr. 1-7)

A Toast to Our Community (Gr. 5-7)

Victoria Capital of BC  (Gr. 4-5)

Vote: Own It or Get Owned!: Creating an Advertisement to encourage young people to vote (Gr.5-11)

What will happen to my valentines (Gr. 1-7)

Who Are You Gonna Call? Three levels of Government: Local, Provincial, and Federal (Gr. 3-5)

Who me, I’m just a kid?: Learning to be a responsible global citizen (Gr. 6 PLO, Gr. 7)

Lessons Prepared by UBC Students

Grade 5/6 Social Studies Unit on Immigration
Honouring Someone's Story

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