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What is RefWorks

RefWorks is a web-based citation managment program that enables you to download, store, and share references, and format bibliographies in seconds. 

UBC Library maintains a site license to RefWorks. It is freely available to UBC students, faculty, staff, and alumni. We currently support both the Legacy and new version of RefWorks. You can learn more about Legacy RefWorks and New RefWorks on the ProQuest website. 

Learn to Use RefWorks in 20 Minutes

Learn to use RefWorks in 20 minutes by watching YouTube video tutorials.

Legacy RefWorks              New RefWorks


The Research Commons offers workshops on getting started using RefWorks. It also has one-on-one consultations that you can book online. Visit the Research Commons Guide for more details.

RefWorks and Systematic Reviews

The Legacy version of RefWorks can be a helpful tool during the screening process of a Systematic Review; however, if you intend to use the New RefWorks for a Systematic Review, it may not currently have some of the legacy version features and you may want to consult with your subject librarian

To use Legacy RefWorks for a Systematic Review, please refer to the Library's Systematic Review guide