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Indigenous Research Methodologies

Finding Exemplars and Authors

How to find publications and documents that are exemplars of Indigenous research methodology?

From the UBC Catalogue search for Xwi7xwa materials with a keyword search, for example:

"First nations author?" AND research

                To broaden the search, use truncation, for example: "First nations author?" AND research?

"First nations author?" AND policy

"First nations author?" and "knowledge, traditional"

Who are key authors, creators, researchers?

Identify core publications in your field, and follow the authors.

For example: One examplar of Indigenous research methodology is this report by Herman Michell, Learning Indigenous science from place: research study examing Indigenous-based science perspectives in Saskatchewan First Nations and Metis community contexts. Michell, Herman Jeremiah.  Aboriginal Research Centre, 2008.

To find more publications by Herman Michell, search SUMMON by author (using the Advanced Search).


Finding Resources in the UBC Library Catalogue

Subject Headings

Did you know that over 10,000 First Nations House of Learning subject headings are available to browse or search in the UBC Library catalogue?

Try the following:


Search the UBC Library Catalogue:

  • First Nations
  • Indigenous
  • Aboriginal
  • Indian
  • Native

Use quotation marks to search for a phrase. Example: "first nations", "research ethics" To combine phrases, click on the tab Guided Keyword Search and enter your search terms.

Use a question mark to truncate a term, i.e. search words with the same stem. Example: aborig? searches aboriginal, aboriginals, aboriginality, etc 

To search only Xwi7xwa materials, go to the Branch Location drop down menu (located under the Search Catalogue menu), and select Xwi7xxwa as a location.

Finding Resources in Summon

What is Summon?

Summon is the Library's most comprehensive search engine. It includes physical holdings in the UBC catalogue AND full-text online journal articles and electronic books that are also available to you. Summon can be very helpful in finding more material. 

To learn more, visit the Library's Using Summon page or the Library Tutorials portal for more resources on making the most of your research.

Selected Resources in the UBC Library catalogue

Find more in the catalogue ...