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Indigenous Education K-12

Teaching Science and Maths through an Indigenous lens

While Indigenizing some aspects of the curriculum may seem straightforward, teachers sometimes struggle to find ways of respectfully embedding Indigenous ways of knowing into mathematics and the sciences. This page is designed to support educators who wish to learn more about these areas

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Finding Science and Mathematics Material

Science and Mathematics Research Guide

Keyword Searching

There is a growing range of Aboriginal science and mathematics educational materials. Keyword searching in the library catalog is a good way to find these items. 


  • Science
  • Mathematics
  • Health
  • Healing
  • Medicine
  • Environment

Using Truncation

Using truncation can help you find materials. When searching the UBC Library catalog adding a ? to the end of a search term will truncate the search. For example, using the search term "math?" will pull up results that include the words math, mathematics, mathematical, mathematician etc.

Examples: math?, environ?, scien?, or medic?

Helpful Tip
      Truncation on the UBC catalog is ?
      Truncation on databases and Summon is *

Browsing by Subject Headings

Most items in the UBC catalog contain subject headings. Clicking on these headings allow you to virtually browse materials of similar subject area.

Subject heading examples:

First Nations – Science – Study and teaching

First Nations – Ecology – Curricula

Indians of North America – Science Education

Helpful Resources