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Indigenous Education K-12

Books by UBC NITEP Student Brandon Peters

Books by Brandon Peters

Photo Credit: Sarah Dupont 2012

Search the UBC Catalogue

UBC Catalogue Search

To find books and media (VHS, DVD, and streaming video), search the UBC Library Catalogue

Simple Keyword Searches

Try Keywords:

  • First Nations
  • Aboriginal
  • Native
  • Indigenous
  • Indian

For more information on terminology, please consult Xwi7xwa's Aboriginal Studies guide to Terminology.

Guided Keyword Searches

To find Aboriginal curriculum resources, search any of the above AND topic AND curric? through the Advanced Search function.


"first nations" AND science AND curric?

metis AND beadwork AND curric?

   Helpful hint: by adding a ? to curric, you are truncating your search, meaning you retrieve results that include: curriculum, curricula, etc.
      UBC truncation symbol is ?
      Database and Summon truncation symbol is *

For Aboriginal picture books at Xwi7xwa, search YUA or YUB AND (your keyword, such as bannock)
   Helpful hint: YUA books are typically for children under the age of 9; YUB books are for children 9+.

Use quotation marks to search for a phrase
   Example: "first nations", "residential school"

Subject Headings

To search for books & media based on subjects, you can do one of the following:

  1. Browse Subject (Begins with):
    This field allows you to search for subject headings that begin with a certain term.

          Example: First Nations--Adult education
                  First Nations--Curriculum development
                  Native language and education  

       2.  Browse Subject contains:
          This field allows you to search keywords that may be contained within a subject heading

          Example: indian? and trap?

Subject contains  search is more focused than a general keyword search.

Identifying Indigenous Search Terms

Evaluating Children's Materials

UBC Catalogue

To find materials that evaluate children's literature, try topic keywords such as "history and criticism" or "book reviews". Summon searching is especially good for finding book reviews.


Aboriginal and "childrens literature" and "history and criticism"
"Childrens literature" and "book reviews"

For more information about evaluating children's literature, please see Evaluating Children's Literature on our Aboriginal Children's Literature research guide.

Featured Books

Finding Videos & DVDs

UBC Library Catalogue search:
Enter topic keyword  AND video?

"first nations" AND "land claims" AND video?
"first nations" AND mining AND video?

Summon search:
Enter keyword(s)
Example: "first nations" AND raven
Select content type:
Film, Streaming Video, Video Recording

ELN Media File in OUTLOOK catalogue
Select Advanced search, then use the Narrow Your Search option to add filters.
Select "Libraries - BC ELN Open Collection" then use the Formats filter tool to select the type of media you wish to search.

Enter keyword(s)
Example: Aboriginal education

Book ELN & UBC Media via UBC Media Bookings

To book Xwi7xwa Media:
Contact: 604-827-5013 or email the Access Services Supervisor at

Further Resources

Aboriginal Films and Filmmakers (UBC Research Guide)

National Film Board: Aboriginal Perspectives

NFB Aboriginal Peoples (special section on youth)

Note: Many NFB films are available exclusively for streaming. These films are discoverable only through searching the NFB website. If you can't find an NFB searching the UBC Library, try searching their website.

Featured Books