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Aboriginal Children's Literature - OLD: Aboriginal Children's Authors

Finding children's books by Aboriginal authors

Try these basic strategies to begin your research in the UBC Library Catalogue:

1) Combine a Keyword for children's books with a search for Indigenous authors:

  • "childrens books" AND "first nations author?"

TRY combining "first nations author?" with other keywords:

  • "picture books"
  • "juvenile fiction"
  • "young adult"
  • "juvenile literature"
  • legends

2) TRY using Xwi7xwa's unique call numbers to help you search.
Combine "first nations author?" with:
  • "YUA" for ages 9 and under and picture books
  • "YUB" for ages 9-13
  • "YUC" for ages 13+ and YA

You can use these search strategies to find books to begin your research.  There are many ways to make your search more effective. 

 TIP: Use a question mark to truncate a term to search words with the same stem.
   Example: author? searches both author and authors

Aboriginal Children's Publishers

These publishers are owned and operated by Aboriginal peoples. Many of them work primarily or exclusively with Aboriginal authors or illustrators and have a strong focus on material for children or young adults.

TIP: Combine your search for children's literature on the UBC Library catalogue with the name of a publisher.
   Example: "childrens books" AND "Theytus books

Selected Aboriginal Authors of Children's Literature

Aboriginal  Authors: Children's Literature  (University of Saskatchewan) Aboriginal authors of children's literature.

American Indian Authors of Children's and Young Adult's Literature (University Libraries, University of Washington)