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Aboriginal Children's Literature - OLD: Books & Media

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Book Trailers

Check out book trailers for brief introductions to Aboriginal children's books.

Some books at Xwi7xwa

Finding children's books with Aboriginal content

Try these basic strategies to begin your research in the UBC Library Catalogue:

1) Combine a Keyword for the concept of "Indigenous" and another Keyword for the concept of Children's Literatre:

  • "First Nations" or Aboriginal or Native or Indigenous or "Indians of North America" or Inuit


  • "children's books"
  • "juvenile literature"
  • primary
  • "young adult fiction"
  • "juvenile fiction"
  • intermediate
  • "picture books"
  • elementary

2) Subject Headings

Browse Subject (begins with):

TIP:  Subject headings are a tool that libraries use to help researchers find similar materials.  Spend a few minutes exploring them when you find a book in the catalogue that supports your research.

You can use these search strategies to find books to begin your research.  There are many ways to make your search more effective. 

Use quotation marks to search for a phrase
   Example: "first nations", "history and criticism"
Use a question mark to truncate a term to search words with the same stem.
   Example: aborig? searches aboriginal, aboriginals, aboriginality, etc

Finding Videos & DVDs

UBC Library Catalogue search:
Enter topic keyword  AND video?
Examples: raven AND video?
"wapos bay" AND video?

Summon search:
Enter keyword(s)
Example: "first nations" AND raven
Select Content Type:
Video Recording

Outlook Online
(BC media database)
Select ELN Media Cat
Enter keywords
Example: "wapos bay"

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Further Resources

Aboriginal Filmmakers (UBC Research Guide)

NFB Aboriginal Perspectives

NFB Aboriginal Peoples (special section on youth)

Streaming Video

Increasingly media is freely available and streamed on the web.

To search for UBC DVDs that are streamed,

UBC Library Catalogue

Search the phrase keyword:"streaming video"

New Videos at Xwi7xwa