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Indian Residential School System in Canada: Books & Media


Finding books, reports, & government publications

 UBC Library Catalogue:

Try a Keyword Search

  • "residential schools"
  • "boarding schools"
  • "industrial schools"

Or the name of a specific school, such as, coqualeetza

Use quotation marks to search for a phrase (more than one word)
    Example: "first nations" and "residential schools"

For names of schools see: a list of residential schools in Canada

A question mark truncates a term (to search words with the same stem).
    Example: "indian?" and "boarding school?"

Subject Headings (Browse)
Once you find a good book, then click on the SUBJECT headings to find related books.

Browse (subject contains)
    This type of search retrieves all occurences of "residential school?" in a subject heading
    residential school?
    retrieves materials with the subject

TIP: UBC Library Catalogue truncation symbol is ?
              Databases & Summon  truncation symbol is  *
TIP: Use SUBJECT headings in the UBC Library Catalogue for a more precise search

Finding Videos & DVDs

UBC Library Catalogue

Try a "topic keyword phrase"  AND video?
"residential school?" AND video?
"residential school?" AND "british columbia" AND video?

Summon search
Enter keyword(s)
   Example: "residential school*"
Filter by Content Type
   Video Recording

Some key websites

A Lost Heritage: Canada's Residential Schools (CBC Archives)
Aboriginal Films and Filmmaking (UBC Research Guide)
NFB Aboriginal Perspectives
NFB Aboriginal Peoples


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