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ASIA 453: Readings in Modern Japanese Literature (Japanese Travel Literature)

Links to Primary Sources

Locating Literary Texts

Finding a Full-Length Novel in the Library

- conduct simple title search in the library catalogue

- try both Japanese characters as well as romaji

Finding a Short Story in the Library

Short stories in Japan are often first published in literary journals

- search for the story name in an article database (see below) to find out which literary journal

- for short stories in book anthologies, first try a catalogue search

- try searching for the anthology title in the CDRom デスクで調べるCD, 短編小説クイックレファレンス at the Japanese CD Rom Station in the library

Article Databases and Indexes

Search Tricks

Try using one of the following techniques to maximize your search.

allows you to search for terms that could have more than one ending.

ukiyo* / ukiyo? = ukiyoe OR ukiyo-e OR ukiyoeshi

allows you to substitute 0 or more letters in a word.

ukiyo*e / ukiyo?e = ukiyoe OR ukiyo-e

Quotation Marks
in many databases allows you to search for words together as a phrase

"floating world"

A full guide on truncation and wildcard use within library databases is available here.