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Research Skills For Engineering Students: Module 5: Academic databases

Module 5 Introduction

Please note that Module 5 contains four parts - make sure you review all the content!  Click the tabs in the box below to view the videos and corresponding transcripts or links.



Module 1: Thinking about your research problem (4:10)

Module 2: Types of engineering information (3:08 + 3:13)

Module 3: Google & Google Scholar (4:13)

Module 4: Summon (4:40)

Module 5: Academic databases 
(3:23+ 4:40 + 2:46 + 2:36)

Module 6: Standards & patents (4:21)

Module 7: Citing your information 
(2:14 + 3:32)


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Module 5 Videos, Transcripts, and Links

Transcript & Links:


Transcript & Links:


Transcript & Links:


Transcript & Links: