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Research Impact Challenge: Challenge 9: Who's Citing You? Discover When your Work is Discussed & Shared Online

Challenge Description

Challenge Nine
Who's Citing You?
Discover when Your Work is Discussed & Shared Online

You’re engaging other scholars online; they’re discussing your open access work with you and other scientists; and you’ve minted identifiers that’ll let you track your work’s reach on the Web. Now comes the fun part: measuring your research’s many impacts using Google Scholar and Web of Science citation alerts.

In this Challenge, we'll set up your Google Scholar profile to alert you whenever your articles receive new citations online. 

This session will be lead by Sarah Parker and Helen Brown, Librarians, Woodward Library.


Research Impact Challenge Bank

The Research Impact Challenges Bank is a set of simple online activities to help you learn and apply concepts about building your online academic profile, connecting with other researchers, keeping informed of research, discoverability and access to resources, and research metrics & analysis.

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To complete the Discover When Your Work is Used on Google Scholar or Discover When Your Work is Used on Web of Science challenge and other Tracking Your Work challenges, go to the Research Challenge Bank.


This Challenge is adapted under a CC-BY 4.0 license from the The 30-Day Impact Challenge: The Ultimate Guide to Raising the Profile of Your Research eBook published by and authored by Stacy Konkiel.

The original challenge is Impact Challenge Day 29: Discover when your work is discussed & shared online.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.

The Challenge

In this Challenge, we'll set up your profiles on 2 interdisciplinary platforms to alert you whenever your articles receive new citations online. 

Step 1:

Create a Google Scholar Profile.

Step 2:

Set up alerts.

On your profile page alerts can be set up by choosing the “Follow” blue envelope button. Choose “Follow New Citations” and enter the email address where you would like to receive these alerts.

Step 3:

See who’s citing you.

Step 4:

Replicate process using Web of Science for a broader view of your impact!


“Do some serious thinking about what metrics mean the most to you. and with those metrics in mind, sign up for the appropriate notification emails that’ll keep you up-to-date on your impacts.”1

Use both Google Scholar and Web of Science to keep up to date on your impact and who's citing you!

1. Konkiel, S. (2015). The 30-day impact challenge: The ultimate guide to raising the profile of your research. Retrieved from